6 Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Rocklin Mechanic

Importance of Auto Maintenance

Crooked mechanics are, unfortunately, alive and well. That’s why doing your research before taking your car for a repair is imperative. Just like you would before settling on a physician, mortgage provider or vehicle, you have to do your homework. Choosing a trustworthy, dependable mechanic who performs routine maintenance and repairs with honesty at the forefront is priority #1 for any driver.

Building a professional relationship with a solid mechanic will pay off for many years down the road. Knowing your vehicle will be treated with the same care and attention you would give it yourself: this is peace of mind. Nobody wants to be taken for a ride! Here are some tips on finding a trustworthy mechanic in the Rocklin CA area.

1.  Choose a Local Mechanic

Local mechanics have usually been in business in a particular neighborhood for many years and have developed a rapport with area customers. Going with a chain establishment or the dealership where you bought your car will cost you a lot more, plus you’re likely to be just another number. For a more personal touch and attention to detail, stick with someone close to your work or home that you can develop a lasting business relationship with. That mechanic will get to know your car and what’s best for it.

2.  Make Sure They’re on the Ball

A trustworthy mechanic will remain up to date on current recalls, parts, and service warranties for your specific make and model.

3.  Ask Family and Friends for Recommendations

Ask around. Your family members, friends and co-workers may be able to provide a solid referral for a mechanic they know and trust. Likewise, if several friends have had bad experiences with one garage, you’ll know not to go there. Get in touch with the Better Business Bureau for accredited garages in your area. Read reviews online to get a better sense of what people think of the mechanic you’re considering.

4.  Make Sure They’re Easy to Contact

Their website should clearly post their address, phone number, email, and Google listing. Give them a call to ask some basic information. If they don’t answer or call you back for a couple days, move on to someone who is more dependable.

5.  Get a Free Estimate

Most mechanics would be happy to provide you with a free estimate after checking out your car for issues. Ask for this estimate in writing. Compare at least three quotes before choosing one.

6.     Use Common Sense

If you visit the garage to speak with the mechanic and you don’t get a good gut feeling about that person, move onto the next mechanic. They can have all the qualifications and experience in the world, but if you don’t feel at ease when you’re around them, it will be a difficult and awkward partnership.

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