Brake Servicing 101

You may not think too much about your vehicle’s brakes until they fail in some way. But they’re a vital component of your safety as well as the health of your car. Check out these basics about brake service and what to look for when choosing a reputable Rocklin CA mechanic. Never take a chance […]

Top Signs Your Car Engine is About to Fail

As a vehicle owner, you’re likely always on alert for signs of impending trouble. You may hear strange noises and wonder what they mean, but then ignore them. However, automotive problems rarely get better without treatment – only worse with neglect. If you experience these warning signs of engine trouble, make an appointment at your […]

5 Ways Oil Changes Save Vehicles

Your car’s engine is comprised of many moving parts. As such, those parts must be properly lubricated to prevent damage and unnecessary wear and tear. Oil in the engine will help with this. However, that oil won’t last forever. It will break down and get contaminated with dust, debris and dirt from the engine as […]

6 Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Rocklin Mechanic

Crooked mechanics are, unfortunately, alive and well. That’s why doing your research before taking your car for a repair is imperative. Just like you would before settling on a physician, mortgage provider or vehicle, you have to do your homework. Choosing a trustworthy, dependable mechanic who performs routine maintenance and repairs with honesty at the […]

Now is the Time to Get Your Car’s AC System Ready for Summer

It may only be barely May but full-on summer is right around the corner. You know what that means: getting into a scorching hot car and burning your legs on the leather seat. Now’s the time to get any AC repairs and tuneups necessary so this doesn’t happen to you. There are also a few […]

Don’t Ignore These 7 Warning Signs of Brake Problems

Brake service is just one of those important routine maintenance chores you can’t ignore. Brake parts have a certain life span and therefore need to be regularly serviced in order to prevent premature failure. Thankfully, your vehicle will usually give you some clear signals that your brakes are due for service or repair. Sometimes they […]

5 Reasons Why Regular Vehicle Maintenance is Crucial

Regular service, tuneups and maintenance for your vehicle, no matter how old or new, is critical to ensuring a long life span and preventing the need for premature repairs. Check out these five reasons why regular vehicle maintenance is crucial. 1.     Better Fuel Efficiency Routine maintenance keeps your car running in the best possible condition. […]

6 Reasons to Move to Rocklin CA

More and more people are calling Rocklin CA home. Why? There are many reasons, from affordability and amenities to great schools and a real sense of community. If you are considering moving here, you may be wondering about what makes this place so special. This fast growing suburb of Sacramento is home to 70,000 within […]

The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

As a vehicle owner, it’s imperative that you stay on top of regular maintenance and tune-ups for your car. Without this TLC, your vehicle is at a greater risk of serious problems in the future that can lead to big bills and a shorter life span for your vehicle. When you perform routine maintenance on […]