Diagnostics and Repairs

Is your vehicle making weird noises? Is your check engine light on? Can’t pinpoint the problem? That’s what we’re here for! Make an appointment with Mr. Fixit Auto Care for comprehensive diagnostic and repair services. Sometimes your vehicle just doesn’t run the way it usually does. It’s best to bring it in to our professional certified mechanics who can not only troubleshoot and diagnose the problem but repair it as well.

Engine Repair Shop Rocklin CA

Rest assured, we will be honest and upfront about any repairs that may need to be done. If a replacement or repair is needed, we always have a conversation with you before we do any work. We’ll also advise you of repairs that should be done now and which ones can wait till a future date. Once the troubleshooting process is done, we will share our findings with you so you know exactly what was found.

Our diagnostics service includes:

  • Quality service by a professional Mr. Fixit technician
  • Road test of vehicle to verify complaint
  • Visual inspection of engine compartment to detect electrical- or vacuum-related issues
  • Battery and charging system analysis
  • Fuel pressure, spark, compression, individual component systems
  • Solution to problem
  • Estimate for repair

Once we know what is plaguing your vehicle, we will be better equipped to repair it. We will let you know of any parts we need to order, but we keep many parts in house to save time. We will also give you a timeline for the repair so you can best prepare for the job. Our team understands how much of an inconvenience it is to leave your car with us for a repair. That’s why we do all we can to get the problem fixed as soon as possible so you can get back on the road.

Contact Mr. Fixit Auto Care

To learn more about our diagnostic and repair services, please contact us at 916-645-2293. We are located at 3626 Cincinnati Ave in Rocklin, CA for your convenience.