5 Reasons Why Regular Vehicle Maintenance is Crucial

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Regular service, tuneups and maintenance for your vehicle, no matter how old or new, is critical to ensuring a long life span and preventing the need for premature repairs. Check out these five reasons why regular vehicle maintenance is crucial.

1.     Better Fuel Efficiency

Routine maintenance keeps your car running in the best possible condition. When it’s running at its peak condition, it’s using less fuel to do so. And when it uses less fuel, it gets the highest fuel efficiency possible, saving you money at the pumps. Who doesn’t want to save a little cash here and there? Get the fuel efficiency your car had when it first rolled off the assembly line by taking good care of it. Your wallet will thank you.

2.     Smoother Operation

Regular maintenance, such as tuneups, service reminders, oil changes and recall fixes can all ensure your car runs in great shape. This will translate to quieter, more comfortable operation, resulting in a more enjoyable experience overall. This also leads to less wear and tear on your vehicle, which, as you know, decrease its value with every passing year. You get peace of mind knowing your car is running as it should, as safety as it can. If you put off scheduled maintenance, you may experience a loud, bouncy vehicle that just isn’t enjoyable to drive.

3.     Stays Under Warranty

If your car is under warranty, it will require scheduled maintenance services to keep it in good standing. This doesn’t mean you have to take it to the dealership to get serviced every time. It just means it has to be handled by a certified technician. Failing to keep up with regular service as outlined in the manual will void your warranty, which means you will have to pay much more when things break down and need replacement.

4.     Less Risk of a Breakdown

Scheduled maintenance means your vehicle will have less chance of a breakdown due to part failure or the like. The point of preventative car maintenance is to keep your car out of the repair shop and out on the road. Do your part to ensure a safe drive at all times, with peace of mind knowing you’re not going to break down on the side of the road randomly.

5.     Saves You Money

By completing routine maintenance, it’s less likely that your car will need big repairs. Spending a few hundred dollars on preventative maintenance now is much better than spending thousands later on extensive engine repair or brake replacement that could have been prevented had you thought ahead.

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